Top 10 Actors Who Can Pull Off Foreign Accents

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 9, 2014
  • These actors are the vocal chameleons of the big and small screens. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 actors who can pull off foreign accents. Check us out at, and Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at :)

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  • Veronica Watson

    Veronica Watson

     5 hours ago

    Accents are very hard especially without vocal coaching and some actors don't spend enough time on that aspect. Especially for native speakers you can hear mess ups almost immediately, naturally. For me, what makes a good vocal performance is not just the authenticity of the accent but how it disappears into the character. It shouldn't stand out and I'm afraid with even some of these performances in this list ,it did in my mind. It's nice if it's perfect but who cares if it's delivery us separate from the actor. But I 100% agree with Gary Oldman and Christian Bale's nomination. Also Daniel Day-Lewis. Hey where's the women on this list though?

  • Karla Gonzalez

    Karla Gonzalez

     11 hours ago

    The Place (1968) should not be there! That actor is playing BROWN FACE!!!!

  • isaac brandon

    isaac brandon

     13 hours ago

    Where is Johnny Depp and James McAvoy

  • Reydani


     19 hours ago

    Where´s Arnold Schwarz?

  • reefrunner



    RDJ’s British accents for Chaplin and Sherlock Holmes were fucking spot on. But he honestly lost me with the Aussie accents. They sound a bit too forced and slip in and out of more of a New Zealand accent.

  • Eagler ElliniaMS

    Eagler ElliniaMS


    The no.1 pick is spot on AHAHAAH was wondering when Oldman was going to be mentioned

  • Tony Stark

    Tony Stark



  • Ian Rivlin

    Ian Rivlin


    I'd probably give the nod to either DDL or RDJ.

  • Banja Luka BiH

    Banja Luka BiH

     3 days ago

    The Borat accent is 1000% Polish accent

  • Jennifer Guidry

    Jennifer Guidry

     3 days ago +1


  • Harumia Amirah

    Harumia Amirah

     3 days ago

    Vigo FTW. The guy speaks elvish for heaven sake.

  • Stephen Winkler

    Stephen Winkler

     3 days ago

    No offence to the amazing Bobby D, but ask an Australian about Australian accents. His is good but far from perfect. Kate Winslet has done two films as an Australian - Holy Smoke with Harvey Keitel, and The Dressmaker. In the first her Australian accent is excellent. In the second it is perfect. No small achievement - just ask Meryl Streep after her butchering of our accent in "dingo's got my baby".

  • J Town

    J Town

     4 days ago

    How are you going to mention Christian Bale, and leave out the fact that he played the lead role in Newsies when he was still a young actor?

  • 70snostalgia


     5 days ago

    Thanks for including Hughie Jackman and Colin Farrell - american is harder than it sounds.

  • Aku Alip

    Aku Alip

     6 days ago

    Gary oldman & daniel day lewis always be my top list

  • Az Boyd

    Az Boyd

     6 days ago

    Mike Myers should have got a spot

  • Si Regan

    Si Regan

     7 days ago

    Not sure I agree with Leo's attempt at the Irish accent, it wasn't great!

  • starshapedscar


     7 days ago

    Peter Sellers' French accent sucks.
    As others have mentioned, Wolverine is Canadian.
    And Hank Azaria deserves a spot in there.

  • R Nickerson

    R Nickerson

     7 days ago

    I've also seen those Leonardo DiCaprio performances on worst accent lists...

  • blareysue1


     7 days ago

    Viggo in Carlito's Way blew me off the water.... his accent was perfect.