Paint a Classic VW Bug on a Mini Canvas

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 3, 2022
  • This is a fun how to paint for beginners - VW Bug painting lesson- Hang out and maybe try it yourself! Remember that Persistence and Practice are a magical combination when you want to grow as an artist!
    You can learn these tricks too and look like a pro right away.

    REFERENCE PHOTO Credit: Moriah Wolfe

    Hang out with me and share your thoughts in the comments. Have you used acrylic gouache or acrylic paints before? What did you think of them?

    FYI: I bought everything that I used in this video. It is NOT sponsored.

    I still have my going on- I think it will be an ongoing opportunity to work small and enjoy the exploration!

    Small Nature Art Challenge Guidelines:
    * Art with a Nature Theme
    * 4x4 in / 10x10 cm Max size - Anything smaller is fine
    * Any Medium - Use your favorite or branch out and try something new - totally up to you (really any medium )
    * Any surface (If your surface is bigger and 4x4" just portion it off and do several on one surface)
    * Try for several days in a row - the more you do in a row the more your skills will grow! (I'm trying for 30 days we'll see how that goes)

    Then post them on your favorite social media (only if you want to) and tag

    US Art Supply 4"x4" canvas panel:
    Turner Acryl Gouache (Any Acrylic or Gouach will work!):
    Assorted brushes round, flat, angle they will all do cool strokes and interesting shapes.

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