Disney Characters That Looked Better After Wreck It Ralph 2 And Ones Who Looked Worse

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 30, 2019
  • Wreck It Ralph gave some of our favorite characters makeovers, and not all of them were good!
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    Adapting a character into a new medium is tricky. Just look at the live-action Lion King as an example.

    That film is getting a lot of flack for its redesign, but Wreck-It Ralph 2 redid a lot of iconic characters too! Every single Disney Princess was adapted for the animated world of the internet. Characters that were stuck in 2-D animation found new life in the 3-dimensional space. Sometimes the new looks paid off big time. However, other times, the creative liberties taken by the animators failed to work. The Binger wants to examine those triumphs and mishaps a little closer. There’s a ton of Disney cameos in this film, but we think we’ve found the best ones to spotlight. Well, by best we mean worst and best. They’re both included here.

    It’s about to get extremely critical in the latest video from The Binger. You don’t want to miss this list!
  • Source: https://youtu.be/is2qTg3GLto


  • kawaii :3

    kawaii :3

     a months ago +829

    Hellooo I love you vids also almost first😂😂😂

  • kylee xo

    kylee xo

     3 hours ago +1

    Nah I prefer the original Ariel

  • Esther Hulst

    Esther Hulst

     3 hours ago

    to me 2d always looks better, especially on Ariel but thats my opinion

  • Aki Nara

    Aki Nara

     4 hours ago

    I hate how big they made the princesses heads in general :/ it looks okay for some, like Moana and Anna... but like Elsa, Pocahontas, Cinderella, Merida etc look horrible. And don't tell me they had to do it; Shank for instance looks very well proportioned

  • Ziggymo


     11 hours ago

    You're entitled to your opinion -- it's just a bad one.

  • itrasheditgood


     11 hours ago

    Snow White in shek couldn’t look Disney because she wasn’t Disney. Bad example dude.

  • Crossed-eyes Hammy

    Crossed-eyes Hammy

     13 hours ago

    What are you talking about? Cinderella looks fabulous! And Eyore looks addddoooorrraaaable

  • MechaShadowV2


     15 hours ago

    Mulans face was already "boxed" or squarish.

  • marshland dickhole

    marshland dickhole

     19 hours ago

    NEW DISNEY IS BULLSHIT and yall know it. All the girls look the same, except for the women of colour.

  • TiagoTiago


     21 hours ago

    In general, I think they failed by not sticking closer to the original drawing style of the princesses; they all look too much like each other, almost palette swaps; and the changes to their bodies kinda feels like they're a bit ashamed of the original female forms they had.

  • Melissa Q

    Melissa Q

     23 hours ago

    the buzz lightyear one kind of bugged me, he is supposed to be in the background for less than a few seconds. so they arent going to spend hours upon hours animating him and fixing up his looks

  • hotnindza



    Nope, Jasmine in Ralph doesn't look... bad, but she looks more like Jasmine's mid-age aunt or something. The only place where Jasmine looks good - is the original cartoon. Those sequels are tragic, dolls are tragic, the merchandise is tragic, every fan art of Jasmine I've seen is tragic, only the original cartoon shows her properly, design-wise and character-wise. For example there are numerous wonderful renditions of Elsa or Ariel or Cinderella. But not Jasmine. Nobody did it like the original animator.
    I agree on Snow White, Pocahontas and Cinderella though. Snow White is fantastic and reinvented, while Pocahontas and Cinderella are a total miss.

  • XdaX



    Have you ever watched Christopher Robin?

  • Francisca Pereira

    Francisca Pereira


    Pocahontas looks like Gal Gadot

  • Introverted_Dinosaur



    Just because they were animated in 3D doesn't make them better

  • Saphira



    you... you realize women can have “boxy” chins too right?

  • Robert Richardson

    Robert Richardson


    I think snow whites face is a different shape and it makes her look child like.

  • Daily Complaints Animations Studios Vanessa Martino

    Daily Complaints Animations Studios Vanessa Martino


    Not to be a hater of anything but of course the princesses are going to be different the 2d hand drawn version of theses movies, They have flaws because they were hand drawn therfore you can't put in too much detail then the animator will end up focusing on the detail instead of the animation but in the CGI version Wreck it Ralph 2 you could focus more on the detail because it is not hand drawn that's what CGI stands for Computer Generated Images so that is why there is more detail because a computer can do things that a simple human hand cannot

  • 493Rae Kitten

    493Rae Kitten


    Who else thinks that jasmine looked worse in wreck it Ralph II

  • Abrilla 2 M

    Abrilla 2 M