"She Is Selfish" Willow Smith Finally Reveals How Jada Pinkett Smith Destroyed Their Family

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 23, 2022
  • "She Is Selfish" Willow Smith Finally Reveals How Jada Pinkett Smith Destroyed Their Family

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    Mix - Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, Jaden Smith, Willow Smith - Red Table Talk

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    Number 12: Aftermath
    Just a few days after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars a lot of people were talking about Jada Pinkett Smith and some people started to say that she ruined her family.

    Number 11: E-news Interview
    In 2013 during an interview with E-news Will Smith was asked a question which was when the last time that he punished Jaden Smith occurred. He then smiled and replied by saying that they did not punish anyone in their family.

    Number 10: Parenting Pattern
    The method that is used by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith to raise their children is a bit of neglect and is not right according to many people. A lot of people have also said that Jada Pinkett Smith is quite selfish when it comes to raising her children and a lot of fans have mentioned different scenarios when Jada Pinkett Smith has proved her selfishness to everyone.

    Number 9: Young Willow Smith
    When Willow Smith was just a teenager, a picture of her was taken with a 20-year-old guy in bed. A lot of fans were disturbed by this and in no time the picture drew the attention of child protection services and the child protection services were summoned by people that were concerned about Willow Smith and her safety.

    Number 8: Child Well-Being
    The fact that Jada Pinkett Smith saw her daughter posing on the bed with a shirtless man and was not moved by it shows that she did not really care about her daughter's well-being. In 2015 Willow Smith was also faced with another form of societal pressure when she posted a picture of herself without a shirt on.

    Number 7: The Red Table Talk
    During an episode of the Red Table Talk that happened in May 2018 Willow Smith was given the chance to talk and she mentioned that she started to cut herself after releasing a successful song titled Whip my Hair.

    Number 6: The Pot
    In April 2020 Willow Smith revealed another secret about herself letting everyone know that she was addicted to smoking pot. She also stated that it was helpful to a lot of people and smoking helps them to focus a lot better.

    Number 5: Selfish Parents
    Social media was filled with a lot of comments from fans and Will Smith as well as Jada Pinkett Smith were called selfish for allowing their child to go through such excessive smoking.

    Number 4: Jaden Smith
    Although Willow Smith is affected by Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith's parenting, Jaden Smith is not left out of the situation as well. The way Jaden Smith acts is just proof that he was not given much attention as a child. In 2013 Jaden Smith made a shocking announcement that threw everyone including his parents off-balance. In the announcement he made it known that he wanted emancipation for his fifteenth birthday.

    Number 3: Bad Treatment
    A lot of people were not surprised by how Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith treated their children because the relationship Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith had was not a good one at all. A lot of people are still of the opinion that Jada Pinkett Smith is a selfish person because of the way she treats Will Smith.

    Number 2: Hypocritical
    Numerous fans on social media called Jada Pinkett Smith a hypocrite because she was laughing after Will Smith hit Chris Rock on the face. That video was recorded by someone else that was present in that Oscars room and the person was just a few feet from the stage.

    Number 1: Willow Smith's Claim
    During a recent interview, Willow Smith talked about her parents and their relationship and she said "I feel I have always understood that my parents are their own people. A lot of kids think of their parents like their whole identity is for them but seeing them in this lifestyle we had from a very young age it was clear to me that they were not just my parents. They are all the people that have their own emotions."

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