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  • Published on:  Friday, October 11, 2019
  • The rise of audio is becoming more prominent every day. The great thing about audio is that the consumer is able to multi-task more effectively with audio versus video. Time is becoming more and more valuable to each of us and being able to multi-task with audio is becoming much more incentivizing than being distracted with audio and the visuals a video provides. This DailyVee and Keynote is from Gary's recent trip to Armenia where he talks a lot about the future of voice... Enjoy!

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  • GaryVee


     a months ago +64

    3:00 - Why audio should be the biggest conversation
    7:00 - Questions from the audience on creating content
    8:00 - Post keynote interviews on voice
    14:30 - People consuming video like audio
    16:00 - The evolution of journalism

  • João Paulo

    João Paulo

     21 days ago

    Hi Gary, I'm a big fan! How could I do to send a text message from another country (Brazil)?

  • Childish Jacko

    Childish Jacko

     28 days ago

    When Gary said that people are are sitting at their desk listening to him... I felt that, was looking around for the hidden camera 👀👀

  • Paul Cuington

    Paul Cuington

     a months ago

    The main learning point from this video is that Armenian chics are fuggin hot....

  • @SalesRemastered


     a months ago

    We got to adapt to these developments and advancements in order to survive and thrive!

  • j b

    j b

     a months ago

    Sorry messed up your perfect 3's in comments surprised to see you under don s video.

  • Sergey D.

    Sergey D.

     a months ago

    Thank you

  • Yeshe Healthy

    Yeshe Healthy

     a months ago

    Gary is the G of G:s

  • JayQwery


     a months ago +1

    "Watchin" this while coding.

  • Sleemer


     a months ago

    17 minutes of straight Gold

  • Robert Walk

    Robert Walk

     a months ago

    Great video and Gary proved his point about audio by sharing content that didn't require video in order to get the full impact of the message he was delivering his audience. There are definitely times where content is better shared and understood through visual means. For example, what to wear when you want to make a favorable first impression on a business interview or first date.

  • Wilhem J. Lobo Guzmán

    Wilhem J. Lobo Guzmán

     a months ago

    Wow, amazing value. Please more content about audio. Thanks

  • Chadwick Eisman

    Chadwick Eisman

     a months ago

    GAB, MINDS, BITCHUTE, these are the fastest growing platforms in 2019. GVee posts all this good stuff, pushes all the wrong platforms... Check them out

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  • SubaruWrx G

    SubaruWrx G

     a months ago

    I think Gary is right on the money with this. People are constantly busy and they can’t consume content in video format all the time, I’ve found myself listening to audio more often. Or even on YouTube. I play the video and stick my phone in my pocket. While video is playing.

  • Perfect Little Bites

    Perfect Little Bites

     a months ago

    I just listened to this while I was working. Been doing that for a while

  • Jordan Robert Taylor

    Jordan Robert Taylor

     a months ago

    "More making, less thinking," is the strongest segment I've taken from this video.

  • helmut winter

    helmut winter

     a months ago


  • Magic11


     a months ago

    I was listening to this in my car lol

  • Craig Collins

    Craig Collins

     a months ago

    Hi Gary, Its great to see you and your dad do so well! No I'm not going to pretend to tell you that I know you But! my life long friend was and still is an alcoholic. I never drank (official designated driver) so I'm sure we've cross paths in the past because back in the day "Ripple" was big at that time and I know he/we probably came in for a bottle, teens at that time (A money thing). I Grew up in New Brunswick, I hung out in Edison,Highland park area of New Jersey to name a few, exit 9 off turnpike. Just before the smell of petroleum, that would be exit 13/14 on New Jersey Turnpike. So any WHO just wanted to chime in with something other then tech talk. It feels good to know someone who lived so close is doing so well! As we would say back in the day Keep on Keepin on!! PS I send your videos as needed, employees, friends who ever! Your info... Priceless Thanks!