Mischievous Detectives Ep 1 Engsub [Ahn Hyeong Seob, And Yoo Seon Ho webdrama]

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 12, 2017
  • Source: https://youtu.be/kxsqL5jWCBM


  • Kjkj-jk Mj

    Kjkj-jk Mj

     a months ago


  • ?누구세요


     2 months ago

    2019? pd101s2 babieees

  • Mush Dope

    Mush Dope

     6 months ago

    She used a cola can though. And thats different frim a bottled water. The lid of the can will block it. So given by the speed. then that much amount is bot possible

  • Laijiii: TV

    Laijiii: TV

     6 months ago

    선호 사랑해!!!!!

  • Yennie 17 Yeni

    Yennie 17 Yeni

     6 months ago

    Seonhoo sssii

  • Audrey


     8 months ago

    Im here for.my cute baby chick

  • Brenda Sayas

    Brenda Sayas

     9 months ago

    i just came here because of namjoo...

  • Sarah Jane Sulani

    Sarah Jane Sulani

     11 months ago +1

    nam joo your so cute
    apink lover

  • Ritu Singh

    Ritu Singh

     11 months ago

    Omg i really thought that was jaemin from nct as a girl in the thumbnail

  • diane silvosa

    diane silvosa

     a years ago +2


  • WannaO Ble

    WannaO Ble

     a years ago +1

    Duh... My hyeongseobiiii! Baper tau gak sih gw! Gak boleh pegang pegang cewek seob! Gak baikkk! (cemburu) 😂

  • foreignswaggers


     a years ago

    Since when Seonho get so cool lmao

  • mogu mogu

    mogu mogu

     a years ago


  • 전아미


     a years ago

    My two favourite babies are in the same drama hahaha A MOMMY IS PROUD RIGHT HERE

  • aepulie kim

    aepulie kim

     a years ago

    I love their chemistry

  • Geralyn Disen

    Geralyn Disen

     a years ago

    Is it a web drama? How many ep?

  • ain syaffea

    ain syaffea

     a years ago

    When this drama start...

  • Pia Gonzales

    Pia Gonzales

     a years ago

    the drama is not that much of a cringe more likely if you watch some c-drama (im not saying it's bad i enjoyed it much much) like The Big Boss

  • uwujuns


     a years ago

    They're so cute I wanna cry-

  • Silver Celestia

    Silver Celestia

     a years ago +1

    The cringe is real haha (Aren't you supposed to wear gloves for investigation..? To not left fingerprints or something like that? Correct me if I'm wrong cuz I usually see that kind of thing.. Not here to ruin the drama mood ^^)

    But I'm still watching for my baby Hyeongseob XD