How trade wars hurt gadget makers

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 14, 2019
  • On the season finale of In The Making, Ashley Carman talks to gadget makers and creators about how political policies around tariffs affect their businesses. They’re subject to the whims of politicians, just like everybody else, and the repercussions could impact us, the consumers.

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  • The Verge

    The Verge

     5 months ago +71

    Thanks for tuning in to the first season of In the Making! What topics would you like to see in the future?

  • vadla vikram chary

    vadla vikram chary

     7 days ago

    Y is no one addressing that she looks hood.

  • Badoo Renc

    Badoo Renc

     a months ago


  • Dulana Wijeratne

    Dulana Wijeratne

     2 months ago

    Someone should stand up and US is standing up for themselves, otherwise China will be making everything and in no time WE WILL BE LIVING IN CAPSULES OUR WHOLE LIFE 🤷‍♂️

  • Holly Plyler

    Holly Plyler

     3 months ago

    What? Completed goods arnt tarriffed? Wth? Also $40 for a box?

  • paul maydaynight

    paul maydaynight

     3 months ago +1

    so american makers just need to setup shop in "america town" in china and get better health insurance rates as an added bonus? plus simple access to the russian markets to boot

  • random human

    random human

     3 months ago

    Just going to put this out there, tariffs do not work.

    I will never understand why trump is doing it as he is also from the historically free trade party, how has he managed to get so high up there!

  • anti China communist party

    anti China communist party

     3 months ago

    Trade ware will protect interlectral property which is far more important than cheap supply chain and cheap goods in short term

  • Matt Rivas

    Matt Rivas

     3 months ago

    Who profits from tariffs? I know it's a tax but where does this tax go?

  • stachowi


     3 months ago

    Um... China's government killed American aluminum (on purpose) so you HAVE to keep buying from China... don't we see the pattern?

  • Sandra Yang

    Sandra Yang

     3 months ago

    Americans can maybe buy less? Pay more for goods made by Americans? How is it bad for your own future? Just think China will not be satisfied with OEM for American forever. Soon you will be Chinese's slaveries as you have done to them. Just try to be less lazy and greedy, please.

  • VibeX MaTxeMa

    VibeX MaTxeMa

     3 months ago

    wow Make China Great Now

  • M4H1N


     3 months ago

    really liked the videos... just curious why people dont want to see these videos which show the real truth...

  • Alex M

    Alex M

     3 months ago

    6:00 I wander how much tariffs added to cost of plastic container they want to sell at $50. I bet (my apologies) in single % digits of price.

  • Will Mart

    Will Mart

     4 months ago

    Working class need more tax refunds and tax the very rich.

  • Will Mart

    Will Mart

     4 months ago

    I'm seeing the effects, im living the pain of inflation.

  • Bugler55


     4 months ago

    LittleBits selling part kits I could get for 30 bucks on digikey for $200. Yeah I think they'll survive, tariffs and all.

    The only real takeaway I got from this video is that the tariffs arent high enough.

  • Swap Nil

    Swap Nil

     4 months ago

    It's "Aluminium".

  • Kane


     4 months ago +1

    5:10 Whispers "Lil' Bits"

  • PPS076 Reviews

    PPS076 Reviews

     4 months ago

    When did Ashley come back?