Closet Confessions: Trinny’s Jewellery Collection | Fashion Haul | Trinny

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 19, 2022
  • Join Trinny and Jemima for an epic edition of Closet Confessions – it’s time to delve into Trinny’s extensive jewellery collection. Now that she’s found the time to sort through her all of her jewellery, Trinny is ready to explore some of her favourite pieces, from high street to designer to vintage family heirlooms. Whether it be red-carpet moments or precious holiday mementoes, this is a real trip down memory lane. Never underestimate the power of a good accessory to completely transform an outfit…

    See inside Trinny Woodall’s impressive and expansive wardrobe with Closet Confessions. In each episode, Trinny deep-dives into a particular section of her wardrobe with the help of Lucy from the Trinny London team. Everything you wanted to know about styling, clothing, fashion and even how to organise your wardrobe can be found in this series. From coats to sequins, jewellery to vintage pieces, take some Trinny tips on your tour through Trinny’s (fifteen) wardrobes.
    Yellow fringe necklace: H&M
    Yellow and silver fringe necklace: bought on holiday
    Shell collar necklace: H&M
    Black and silver collar necklace with tie: Prada
    Gold 1950s-style necklace: family heirloom
    Layered blue necklace: Erickson Beamon
    Blue stethoscope-style necklace: Liat Ginzburg
    Pink and orange statement necklace: Liat Ginzburg
    Orange and black statement necklace: Liat Ginzburg
    Pink and blue flower-shaped statement necklace: Liat Ginzburg
    Black and yellow statement necklace: Liat Ginzburg
    Resin bracelets: Dinosaur Designs
    Bejewelled collar necklaces: Miu Miu
    Silver tinsel top: Dries Van Noten
    Silver tassel collar: Zara
    Gold bauble necklace: Stella McCartney
    Gold tassel necklace: Dinny Hall
    Red and black statement necklace: bought in Venice
    Pearl necklace: vintage Chanel
    Gold Charm necklace: Annina Vogel
    Silver cuff bangles: Elsa Peretti
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