My Top 11 Produce X 101 Trainees! ♥

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 15, 2019
  • Hello guys! It's been a while. Anyways, I've never enjoyed watching a Produce season before as much as I enjoyed watching this season~ I am so in love with everyone and I can't believe that Produce X 101 will finally end on Friday :(


    1. Where can I contact you?
    - The only social media I have for public is my personal instagram account @marielkawaii

    2. How old are you? Why do you sound like a baby?
    I'm 18 and it's like that because I'm pitching my voice a little bit. I like it that way, I won't change it for anyone sorry.

    3. You have a little accent what's your nationality?
    I'm Filipino and English is not my native language, that's why.

    4. Who is your TWICE Bias?
    Im Nayeon

    5. Do you only make TWICE-related videos?
    NO! I'm a huge girl group and X1 stan. I love a lot of groups and I'm starting to expand my content so if u a multi subscribe button is just there~

    6. When do you upload?
    Wednesday and Saturday!

    The instrumental music is from DooPiano!

    but at least... they'll be finally out of that harsh environment. How about you? Feel free to comment down below your Top 11!

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