[MV] MAMAMOO(마마무) _ Egotistic(너나 해)

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 16, 2018
  • [MV] MAMAMOO(마마무) _ Egotistic(너나 해)

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    :: iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/album/red-moon-ep/1412672246?l=ko&ls=1&app=itunes

    The title track ‘Egotistic’ is an intense and powerful song that brings up the image of a passionate summer and reproaches a lover who only cares about himself.
    MAMAMOO who has won sympathy from women with their music that represents the most straightforward and confident female form, shows girl crush charms again with ‘Egotistic’.


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  • Sunita Upadhyay

     (Jan 15, 2019)

    Friends : Blackpink or Twice? Me : Mamamoo

  • le yangchin

     (24 minutes ago)

    Mamao gidle dreamcatche

  • მარი კვირიკაშვილი

     (1 hour ago)


  • Chandrima Maitra

     (6 days ago)

    This group needs more recognition.. Some girl groups are getting the spotlight making meaningless lyrics.. And here's the diamond people are ignoring..

  • ʝιмιи'ѕ Hσlу WaTerEU

     (1 day ago)

    This is why I’m here

  • Thy Bread

     (1 day ago)

    Anita Sosa, quit hating. All we need right now is 1 less toxic fan.

  • 💜 Vee Vee J 💜

     (Apr 13, 2019)

    I joined the fandom yesterday but I already know all the information *the power of kpop*

  • ʝιмιи'ѕ Hσlу WaTerEU

     (1 day ago)


  • Moguri Chan

     (3 days ago)

    agree i enjoy their tipsy live the most hahahah

  • Priscilla Lovato

     (Apr 6, 2019)

    Hi moomoos! Im a new moomoo♡I started to like them bcs gogobebe! But i fell in love with THEM after watching um oh ah yeh and other videos!! Tbh they're the best gg ever and im so proud of them even tho im new in this fam(╥﹏╥)♡

  • om hanin om hanin

     (3 days ago)

    I m new moomoo and mi bias is hwasa

  • Carolina Pereira

     (Mar 16, 2019)

    Why did i took so long to come check Mamamoo? THIS IS ART

  • Xhemil Biraci

     (22 hours ago)

    Nope is not

  • Deyb Ie

     (Mar 20, 2019)


  • steph plays26

     (Dec 6, 2018)

    Honestly, I see a lot of ARMYs stanning Mamamoo. Guess what, I'm one of them, too.

  • Ren Bluemoon

     (14 hours ago)

    I'm armymoo too 😆

  • Tae Tae

     (2 days ago)

    steph plays26 Same

  • ddeb kris

     (Mar 15, 2019)

    This is the first female kpop group that I really liked I mean they don't act "Cute" they slay 🔥🔥🔥

  • Nem bo

     (4 hours ago)

    +xiaheaven I think that you didn't got what we meant, we didn't said that girl groups who are making more cute stuff are bad, we said that it is cool to see that a girl group doesn't has a soo cute topic for their video, it's not so often in girl groups that they are making not this cute kind of style in their mv 's, so, we didn't Said that being cute is bad, We said that we like it when girl groups don't pick a that cute topic to sing about. I also agreed with them, but even tho, I also love girly gro...

  • xiaheaven

     (6 hours ago)

    whats wrong with being cute? i swear y'all got the wrong idea of female empowerment is you think there's something wrong with being cute or feel the need to be 'different' from other girl smh

  • Mohammad Kaleem

     (Apr 9, 2019)

    Mamamoo is very different from other groups .. they have different style and they are mature

  • Sara Gacha

     (2 hours ago)


  • Subhralina chattopadhyay

     (Mar 25, 2019)

    Who is here after go go bebe!!!BTW Solar's visuals are killing me.Wow 150. Pls take me to 200

  • BSSwagGirl Gamer

     (2 days ago)

    She didn't kill me but moonbyul kill me!!!!!!!

  • Madhumita Chatterjee

     (3 days ago)

    +Subhralina chattopadhyay Yesssssss!!!!😂😂😂😁😁😁😁

  • follow btsindustry on twitter

     (Mar 17, 2019)

    Bich I'm slowly turning into a moomoo