Dame Dash Speaks On Jay-Z Betrayal And NFL Partnership

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 22, 2019
  • Dame Dash weights in on Jay-Z and NFL deal (00:39)
    Jermaine Dupri on Jay-Z rumors (03:03)

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    Dame Dash Speaks On Jay-Z Betrayal And NFL Partnership

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/qUVzWAfJwHk


  • saj8


     4 days ago

    Dame Dash is one of the biggest jive time chumps east of the Mississippi. Check his history. He talks that culture vulture talk and that black business talk to make people think he's real. He's an agent provocateur. Along with Vlad. Yeah, I said it and I'll say it again. Both of them are two sides of the same damn coin.



     7 days ago

    Breakfast Club, I understand, that saying anything negative about Jay z, may get you into some limbo, so you have to walk the line lightly. I'm not speaking on Angela. I'm talking about the men, in the video that is afraid, to go against Jay Z, when Jay Z, is in the WRONG.

  • MrSirdex1


     7 days ago

    Get Dame back up there!... Ask your boss if Dame can come back Envy, because you like a boss, and I don't😂😂😂😂

  • Nicholas Mcvay

    Nicholas Mcvay

     7 days ago


  • Allen Adams

    Allen Adams

     7 days ago

    I get the impression from all the entertainment world talk that jayz has always been a piece o sht. Nothing new.

  • Kevin Hill

    Kevin Hill

     7 days ago

    Charlemagne be silent, shut up and listen sometimes Dame knows jay up close and personal that seen him in many different ways as we all done with Jay and others who is like him that close to us.

  • Galveston Morris

    Galveston Morris

     7 days ago

    Breakfast club is a bunch of Dick riders, & chatty patty

  • Renegadetrailhawk_chuckie


     14 days ago

    Dame just sour!

  • Ronny Galvao

    Ronny Galvao

     14 days ago

    So, chatty patty Dame?

  • Claude Willoughby

    Claude Willoughby

     14 days ago

    It is what it is just let it go you heard it from Jermaine Dupri he said the man did not talk him out a no man talk him out a deal I think Damon Dash just a little salty that it ain't no more him and J is J and Beyonce he's a married man how long are you think he was going to to run around acting like a kid Duchess like my friend I don't have Jay Z money but he's mad cuz I don't move doing I have a family now I have a job responsibilities and I believe that's what that man is doing and Damon Dash she do the same

  • Olivier Louis

    Olivier Louis

     14 days ago

    You niggas believe anybody 🤦‍♂️, funny thing is dupri dead said that jay never told him not do a deal. But y’all in the comments burning jay lol. Dame dash legit bashes jay every chance he gets

  • Karma Karma

    Karma Karma

     14 days ago

    Charl stoooooop. Stop kissing jays ass. Ive noticed u on jays dick. DAME IS D REAL DEAL

  • O. G.

    O. G.

     21 days ago

    JD using this to shine. Nothing more. Dame said it best its about manipulating the fame for cash.

  • MFWIC Waterproofing Pty Ltd

    MFWIC Waterproofing Pty Ltd

     21 days ago

    Lenard you a flop. Charlabitch on Jayz 🍌. Jay giving head to get ahead.

  • Cody Madison

    Cody Madison

     21 days ago

    Envy salty because he has a boss 🤣😂



     21 days ago

    He be talking to a chicken? 1:16 Damn youtube subs 🤣

  • Derrick Henderson

    Derrick Henderson

     21 days ago

    Charlemagne is a huge sellout too.

  • Notnice Sterling

    Notnice Sterling

     21 days ago

    Jay z is the icon and you all know that so stop hate Jigga is my nigga

  • Chris J Productionz

    Chris J Productionz

     a months ago


  • Marco Davinci

    Marco Davinci

     a months ago

    charlamagne tha God is so fake if a reason why I don't listen to but you fake people do