Rambo: Worst Blood - Caravan Of Garbage

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 17, 2019
  • Sylvester Stallone is back for Rambo: Probably Last Blood so why not revisit that absolute classic, Rambo 3. Often considered the biggest of the series (because it is) and also the worst in the series (because it is). This is our review.

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  • Mr Sunday Movies

    Mr Sunday Movies

     4 months ago +560

    I forgot to mention this but the horse is the same horse of Last Crusade it's not two identical horses. Horses can be tricky do not trust their hooves or lies.

  • Horrorfreak106


     14 days ago

    He's not even John Rambo anymore. Like, he went from being a ptsd ridden soldier who learned the struggles of war and how terrible it is to murdering people is the only solution to all of his problems. I still like part 2 though, just for how over-the-top macho it is, but the rest are pretty bleh. Though this one is definitely the worst. Even if you consider the sequels, this one still didn't quite feel like a Rambo movie. All the other movies he was helping people in need, but this one he didn't even bother to save the other women, he just wanted revenge.

  • Bruokoli


     1 months ago

    Imagine suggesting that you’re losing your memory from a relatively short stint of drug use

  • The Shaolin Six

    The Shaolin Six

     1 months ago

    lol he was only eating burnt toast

  • Aurora Uplinks

    Aurora Uplinks

     1 months ago

    Oh shut, I just came up with a golden plan,

    Rambo joins the justice league,

    and he and batman and superman must travel to a foreign country and fight cyborgs being made by the council of evil in underground caverns that used to be vast important super metals mines...

    the rare ones like tungsten,

    and the factories are producing powerful human looking mining robots to make more machines for more mining until they can storm the surface and rampage across the world killing everyone for smartphones and computer parts for more droids

    So superman plans on going and redirecting a passing asteroid right into the caves vulnerable spot to try to crush them all,

    he fails and he doesnt dare go in the dark cave,

    so he gets batman who is busy helping a former war hero dealing with psychological trouble when superman arrives,

    and war vet fights and argues to help them, to be of use, to make sense of things,

    Then he says.

    Drifter: So that I can have a place of value in society and work to make places higher up for others on the street at the edge of societies notice...

    And batman is like

    Batman: ... wo... ok..

    caus he just flashes back to something he heard long ago.

    And superman is like

    Super-man: What?! That's how you get sidekicks? No wonder I never get one...

    Batman: I've always considered you a good partner, a rival, and a friend... but dont you judge me on who I let come on our deadly intercontinental subterranean raids! Cause if I know anything, it's the value of self worthiness and seeking redemption...

    Super-man: Oh... I thought you were going to say because your Batman... and you know how to maunuever in dark caves.

    Batman: That too....

    Drifter: Hey thanks you guys... should I go buy some guns and rent a plane to get us there?

    Batman: Arent you broke?

    Drifter: I earned alot from my missions and invested it in american businesses...

    Super-man: Industrial warcomplexes?

    Drifter: And steak houses... I just spend my time in the dark and on streets contemplating life and the past....

    Super-man: Oh dear gods of krypton and beyond.... now theres two of you...

    Batman: hey, I dont mind you being rich and hanging in dark corners, that's just good taste, but you get your own symbol... you can be... I dont know... lion man... or dog man! That's a good one...

    Drifter: My names john rambo, you can call me... Rambo

    Batman: Fine....

    Super-man: Cool.

    Super-man: But what will your symbol be?

    Rambo: Freedom... justice....

    Batman: Hehehe

    Super-man: Hey that's mine, how about if we call you captain freedom?

    Rambo: Cool!

    Batman: That's actually... awesome... shit... I kind of want that now...


    Batman: Hey il loan you a outfit and some guns I dont use anymore...

    Super-man: You have guns batman?

    Batman: That I dont use.... anymore...

    Superman: Weird.

    Rambo: That's cool, thanks il try to repay you with a steakhouse or something... could I have a Cape and armor and some sort of vehicle too?

    Batman: Steakhouse huh? I do like to eat... yea, how about silver armor we can paint black and I have a old cowl and cape.. would you like a jet pack equipped flying bike with grenade launchers it has a back up remote controlled carry-all helicopter, not really my style..

    Rambo: That's amazing. Thanksbru... batman!

    Batman: Yea... you just remember that is a secret gift, no shouting from the rooftops, whispers only

    Super-man whispers: hes batman.

    Batman silently nods and then grins at superman's playfulness in the next line of speech

    Super-man: and his loyal companion Captain Freedom... your going to have a flying motorcycle! That's so cool!

    Captain Freedom: Yea! Thanks Batman!!! Thanks Super-man!!!

    And thus in the enduring battles Captain Freedom's identity and place in society was forever secured. In the coming adventure of, Captain Freedom!!!

  • Noam Nederby Jessen

    Noam Nederby Jessen

     1 months ago

    I've never watched Rambo. I just enjoy your videoes so much, so that I still had to watch this

  • Dear Nathan

    Dear Nathan

     1 months ago

    No word about the brilliant blue light dialogue? 😂

  • foundn0


     1 months ago

    I remember renting this from a video store as a kid and the guy working went to the back of the shop and came back with a replica of the giant knife from the movie and handed it to me. That thing was huge in my 12yo hands lmao it's like a foot long haha

  • Slayton Rider

    Slayton Rider

     2 months ago

    First blood is amazing at lest to me love that damn movie but the other movies are Ronald Reagan’s wet dream at least 2nd and 3rd and that’s coming from a hardcore conservative but it’s a little much

  • Ronald van Kemenade

    Ronald van Kemenade

     2 months ago +1

    I say it again, Brian Dennehy should have offered him a ride at the end of Rambo 4.

  • simon Mckenna

    simon Mckenna

     2 months ago

    Rambo V is the worst now

  • Phang Kuan Hoong

    Phang Kuan Hoong

     2 months ago

    First Blood is the only good Rambo movie, which isn't an action movie. and Rambo literally DID NOT kill a single person throughout the entire run time.

  • Gangsta Man

    Gangsta Man

     2 months ago

    I think that rambo 3 is good movie, much better than commando.My granny took me and my brother to cinema to watch rambo 3 in 1988, i was only 6 and its a good memory

  • 47


     2 months ago

    Rambo 6: Blood Transfusion

    As for Steroids, he was busted importing them through Sydney Airport back in '07.

    I prefer Sly over Arnold. He's a more versatile actor without the cheesy Arnold accent and stupid 1 liners. Arnold is a fucken idiot now off on planet Karl Marx.

  • Simon Oosthuizen

    Simon Oosthuizen

     2 months ago

    I like every video before it's even two minutes in. This series is fkn brilliant, every part of it, like I can't complain about anything

  • marcoPatriot1


     2 months ago

    This is coming from the uber liberal who jumps and hides at the sound of a car back fire. Probably never even shot a bebe gun.

  • Kurgol


     2 months ago


  • Lachlan Hutcheon

    Lachlan Hutcheon

     2 months ago

    There’s probs gonna be a Rambo movie called new blood or some shit

  • Bojan5150


     2 months ago

    You forgot that Rambo is 1) no tourist, has 2) blue light, was 3) well done but knows how to 4) ignore the pain (not really working) and thinks that 5) surrounding a couple of hundreds of Russians is out.

    You mention the fight on the hill with the big Russian but stop short of jump spin back kick.

    Trautman's monologue about a sculptor (pure theatrical gold) gets no respect.

    Conclusion: you are fucking useless.

  • DemiGod Scrub

    DemiGod Scrub

     2 months ago

    Review the Film Freaked