Why Japan Arrests Foreigners

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 16, 2019
  • Understanding Japanese laws to avoid foreigner tourist arrests. Thanks to Squarespace, get 10% Off: https://www.squarespace.com/paolofromtokyo
    The Japanese justice system and Japanese laws are stricter than many countries and sometimes lead to foreigner arrests in Japan simply because foreigners are unaware of Japan laws and Japan justice system. The Japanese judicial system has 99% conviction rate in Japan so foreigners should be mindful and aware how strict Japan laws and rules are. Japanese Police arrests tourist in Japan or Japan Police arrest foreigners in Japan when they are under suspicion of a crime. Suspects will be brought into police custody to be interrogated for 3 days and if the Japanese police are still not satisfied, the police can request for additional detainment for up to 23 days total, without the suspect being officially charged with a crime in Japan. In this video, I interview a Japanese Trial Lawyer, Yugo Ishibashi, to help me understand the Japanese justice system as well as to share with foreigners and tourists how Japanese law works in Japan and maybe gain some insight on what options a foreigner has if arrested in Japan. Japanese police interrogation is quite stressful and Yugo mentions that sometimes suspects plead guilty even though they didn't commit the crime due to the pressure of the Japanese police interrogation. If suspects don't plead guilty to the crime, it may be possible to be detained for more than a year until the suspect confess to a crime. This is sometimes referred to as Hostage Justice in Japan. Convicted persons will end up in Japanese Jail and Japanese prison. This video should help educate tourist visiting Japan and foreigners living in Japan to help ensure that they are aware of how strict Japanese laws are so that they are careful to not violate the laws when they are in Japan. But keep in mind that these laws are one of the reasons why Japan is so safe compared to many other countries. This video is not to deter foreigners or tourists from visiting Japan, but they should just be aware of Japanese laws and the risks when breaking laws in Japan like graffiti in japan or fighting in japan.

    Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. I am not providing legal advice. If you need legal advice, please consult a real lawyer.

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  • HomelessGuy


     an hour ago

    I have enough of click bait titles. Time to dislike this video a thousand times over.

  • babyfarck Mcgeezazkz

    babyfarck Mcgeezazkz

     2 hours ago

    So Phoenix Wright is a completely accurate dipiction of the Japanese judicial system? That's pretty sweet.

  • jockejocke1


     5 hours ago

    Why would you visit Japan only to shoplift?!

  • Opp Poo

    Opp Poo

     7 hours ago

    no words to comment this shitty country

  • Ben


     12 hours ago

    You innocent? Get 23 days in jail anyway

  • Wan Syafiq

    Wan Syafiq

     16 hours ago

    Last year august 2018, i when to japan. There is 1 old guy came to me and keep telling me that he want to help me buy my train ticket, but i told him i dont need his help. But he keep forcing me and following me. End up i accept his offer to help me because i dont want to cause any issue but after i get my ticket, he took all the coin balances and said it was for him because he helped me. I was like what the f....

    Sorry my bad english but i just feel pissed the entire day.

    Next time if i visit japan and counter this issue what should i actually do? any advice?

  • Apillbox


     18 hours ago

    That lawyer is the one good guy!

  • Samuel Pak

    Samuel Pak

     20 hours ago

    You just need to not be stupid and you'll be fine.

  • nandezification



    One thing you WONT have to worry about serving jail time in Japan.....is prison ass rape. Cause they’re dingalings are so tiny that you won’t even feel the ass raping! It’s an easy stretch to serve.

  • Eclectic Cerebro

    Eclectic Cerebro


    Oh.. I most certainly, will be visiting Japan!

  • M S

    M S


    A lot of angry libtards in the dislike side

  • Paintplayer1



    I wish I was 1/10 as good at Japanese as he is at English

  • cookieslyer



    Because they. Do crimes


  • Grey Wings

    Grey Wings


    Did I hear no bail? Finally a country that make sense.

  • IceMan TV

    IceMan TV


    I am never Going to Visit Japan
    China way better .

  • The Authentic Steve

    The Authentic Steve


    Seems reasonable. I thought this video was going to be about some obscure laws foreigners might be breaking in ignorance.

  • Marcio


     2 days ago

    This is crazy! And it's not justice at all!

  • pendragnx


     2 days ago

    This was fascinating.. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jon Gascon

    Jon Gascon

     2 days ago

    Must implement in other countries

  • Khazar Khanate Archer

    Khazar Khanate Archer

     2 days ago

    I'm half Greek half German ( I look middle eastern) I was searched in the middle of the street every week when I lived in tokio lol even touched my dick to search for drugs xD love Japan tho and I'm no easily offended leftist dummy who'd crie.