Fastball (2016) Eye Tracking & Eye Movement

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 26, 2019
  • This clip is taken from Fastball (2016). Here, MLB players and physicists discuss the rising effect that batters experience when facing 100 MPH pitches.

    Can batters really track a pitch moving that fast with just their eyes? Is it a useful strategy to keep your eye on the ball?

    These are questions that I like to ask in order to help better train volleyball players to serve receive pass. It seems like there is more debate going beyond midline passing. Now I'm seeing some debate over tracking the ball all they way into one's platform.

    Will tracking the ball all the way to the moment of platform-ball contact make a difference? Is it humanly possible? Can we get any useful information in the last 3-5 feet prior to contact and still execute an adjustment or correction before the ball skips off our platform?

    This sports documentary, Fastball (2016), helps shed some light on what the human eye and perception is doing when tracking a fast moving object.

    You can also check out The Perception & Action Podcast. Rob Gray, professor at Arizona State, is the creator and host of the podcast and discusses sports science, skill acquisition, coaching, and sports psychology.

    Here is Episode 3 of his specific podcast on Eye Movement in sports. I highly recommend listening:

    You can follow Rob Gray on Twitter @Shakeywaits.

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