GIẢI MÃ KỲ TÀI | GMKT #22 FULL | Hotgirl Taekwondo Châu Tuyết Vân mặc áo dài biểu diễn võ nhạc 💕

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  • Published on:  Monday, April 9, 2018
  • GENIUSES DECIPHER| #22 FULL| Beautiful Taekwondo girl Chau Tuyet Van performs martial art with music in ao dai.

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    "The martial art beauty queen" Chau Tuyet Van and her a collection of Gold medal that she won from the international competition will come to the show this week. She wears ao dai and performs martial arts with music that make Quyen Linh, Le Loc and Thanh Tan admire!

    Chau Tuyet Van (11/10/1990) - Taekwondo athlete
    Gold medallist of the World in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014.
    Gold medallist of Asia in 2012, 2014.
    Gold medallist of The World Military Taekwondo Championship in 2012.
    2 gold medals at The Asian University Taekwondo championship.
    1 gold medal at Sea Game 27 2013.
    1 gold medal at Sea Game 28 2015.
    1 gold medal at Sea Game 29 2017.

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    📺 Introduction:
    "GENIUSES DECIPHER" is a talkshow between special guests who are famous on the social network and the decipher is MC Quyen Linh. MC Quyen Linh will have 2 team assistants are MC Quang Bao, MC Le Loc and P336 band. Each guest will have secret keywords and the mission of 2 team assistants is to find out these powerful keywords.

    🔔 Broadcast time: 20h30 every Monday on HTV7

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