AIRPODS PRO 2 vs BOSE QUIETCOMFORT BUDS 2 (Tested and Compared!)

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  • Published on:  Friday, September 23, 2022
  • The new Bose Quietcomfort buds and the second gen AirPods pro both make BOLD claims about ANC, so which is actually best? I tested them head to head.

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    The new AirPods Pro 2 may look similar to the original AirPods Pro, but I assure you, these are a completely different experience and I am blown away by how much improvement we are seeing here. Similarly, I recently said the Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds 2 may very well be the most improved pair of earbuds this year! The original versions of these two earbuds were duking it out two years ago for the best ANC earbuds, but now with these massive improvements, it is time to compare the new AirPods Pro 2 to the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 2. I promise, this is going to be interesting

    Bose claims to have the world's best ANC
    AirPods claim to be 2x better than the previous ANC they had
    These are both insanely good!
    Bose has 11 levels between transparency and ANC but can never turn off
    AirPods only have ANC/off/Transparency
    Both have adaptive transparency with dB threshold
    Makes these something you could perhaps wear at a concert to protect your ears
    You’re going to hear different and conflicting analyses between these earbuds, so I want to quantify it for you and remove any doubt.

    Airplane on speaker - vol 35 on Bose vs 27 on AirPods
    Air conditioner test - disappears completely with airpods, can still hear it with bose like a gentle hum
    Female voice test - could not hear until volume 16, airpods = 13
    Wind test - both are about the same. Most angles are find, but a stiff breeze head on is definitely very audible

    Airpods are better at achieving complete silence, but Bose is better at muting loud sounds. AirPods perform better up to around 52dB, but above that and especially above 55dB, the Bose earbuds perform better.

    Transparency is really good on both of them. Undoubtedly two industry leaders, but Bose are a little hissier - otherwise super accurate
    With music playing, Bose sounds like the music is playing in the room and not your ears - amazing!


    Both just SBC & AAC codecs
    Bose have warm and capable bass and you can really hear the music in a natural balance, or adjust via the EQ in the app. Great dynamic sound with thumpy bass, a realistic sound to live recordings, and an accurate sound for studio recordings. As I mentioned originally, they are slightly less detailed than something like the Sennheisers or B&O EX
    AirPods have volume adjusted tuning for a great balance at any volume
    Bose has more bass and especially powerful subbass which contributes to the more powerful ANC, AirPods have more clarity
    Bose has a very wide soundstage. Fills the room in aware mode
    It really comes down to preference. You can’t go wrong with either of them

    Find My
    SPEAKER TEST (on case)
    Bose works well with android or apple
    Both have mono mode
    Neither has multipoint, but AirPods sort of do for apple products only, Bose has app switching
    Tap and swipe controls vs Pinch and swipe
    EarScan for 360 audio in AirPods
    Bose plays calibration sound for each ear
    Bose has “modes”

    Bose case has no wireless charging
    AirPods case can charge qi, magsafe, apple watch, or lightning
    Bose battery = 6/24hrs
    AirPods battery = 6/30hrs
    AirPods are smaller with smaller case
    AirPods have lanyard hook
    Both are comfortable, and both eventually fall out of my left ear
    Bose has wing tip, so more secure
    AirPods are smaller though and have an XS tip added this time
    AirPods have skin detection

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