100 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas



  • kawaii donut

    kawaii donut

     1 months ago +452

    Who else is watching this when it's not even close to Halloween?
    Also I am gunna be a jellyfish for Halloween. 💙

  • Annika Ruthstrom

    Annika Ruthstrom

     3 months ago +386

    Why is Spongebob the main character when Patrick is a Star?

  • Artistic


     28 days ago +411

    Anyone watching in July 2019?
    Just me?

  • DSR


     3 months ago +243

    4:05 is anyone else wondering if the Kool-aid fell everywhere 😂

  • BeautyByEm


     2 years ago +1509

    I'm the only one who has school on Halloween 😔

  • Hayleigh shostle

    Hayleigh shostle

     21 days ago +50

    i am sooo going to be a stick man
    like if you are watching in 2019

  • Viola Conner

    Viola Conner

     7 days ago +29

    I already know what I am
    The alien from area 51

  • Christina Dean-Lopez

    Christina Dean-Lopez

     yesterday +4

    Video: (shows a blue's clues costume)

  • Bugsyduggy


     3 days ago +4

    I'm watching even in 2019 when it's not even close to Halloween but i love the boxer one i'm gonna be a boxer

  • danotje vlogs

    danotje vlogs

     6 months ago +1024


  • ItsEmma! Don’t change it

    ItsEmma! Don’t change it

     2 days ago +3

    I’m planing on being a dark fairy and a light fairy but idk witch one I’m probably going to do both

  • K G

    K G

     28 days ago +45

    Roses Are Red
    Violets Are Blue
    YAY! I got a like
    Wait.. Why is it Blue

  • Madison Kate

    Madison Kate

     1 months ago +27

    I think this is perfect for Chloe she looked and looks amazing in every thing🤦‍♀️👗

  • Rainy


     22 hours ago +1

    I was waiting for the earrape at the monsters inc part but it never came 😔

  • CreativeAmalia


     2 years ago +11433

    Can we just expand on the fact that she had to find a different song that matched each costume?!? Omg editing goals

  • Jorja Praise

    Jorja Praise

     14 days ago +8

    I watch this every year expecting there to be different ideas

  • Erin Appau Queen

    Erin Appau Queen

     2 days ago +2

    The only way I cannot is a season to start with you and I will never forget to take care and I hope you had an amazing year with you guys I will try

  • Lemar Obeidat

    Lemar Obeidat

     1 months ago +15

    I really like how the last one was the simplest 😂😂👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • Natasha Civitarese

    Natasha Civitarese

     2 days ago +2

    At my school we can dress up for Halloween until 5th grade since I'm in 8th grade I am so doing the French toast one because I also go to a Catholic school so I can't do anything with the devil so FRENCH TOAST HERE I COME

  • Molly Holly

    Molly Holly


    you added sandy fom grease
    your my favorite youtuber ima cry