MLP Conspiracies - Ep.4 Who is the lost Crystal Princess?

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 24, 2014
  • Just who is this lost Crystal Princess? And who did Chrysalis USED to be?

    Whew! Finally done! This one took quite a while longer than the others because I finally got an actual job - blech

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    4Everfreebrony -Through the fields
    Artem Yegorov - Journey Above the Clouds
    Evening Star - StartSwirl the bearded
    Jastrian - A Summer's Day
    Marcato Sound - [Celtic] Firefly

    face from Thumbnail image - Angry Chrysalis by BronyRazya
    Clips from MLP:FIM by Hasbro, of course
    Most of the images were from fanart by random people, feel free to comment if you spot something you made!
    Moonlight walk -

    Copyright sucks. Sorry for the ads. I don't even get anything out of them because Hasbro and some other dude decided to jump all over this video because apparently fanart can be claimed by them. Of course it would happen to my most viewed video. :I
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  • The Earth Dragon Fern

    The Earth Dragon Fern

     an hour ago +1

    I think that Princess Celestia, Princess Luna and Queen Crysalis are siblings!!!!!

  • Ken Hoang

    Ken Hoang

     2 hours ago


  • Doodle XD

    Doodle XD

     4 hours ago

    u probably can tell discord was longer prisoned than 1000+ yrs

  • evelyn 2011

    evelyn 2011

     14 hours ago

    Who agree press the like bottom

  • evelyn 2011

    evelyn 2011

     14 hours ago

    Hear closely he said celesia hhaaa

  • YvaNix The Grape God

    YvaNix The Grape God

     17 hours ago +1

    "them how you explain... THIS"

  • Enylinave J-M

    Enylinave J-M


    sadly, due to recent episodes, this doesnt work... :(

  • Days with Rose

    Days with Rose

     2 days ago

    you should update this, I'd love to know your thoughts on this now

  • Edna Fitzgerald

    Edna Fitzgerald

     2 days ago

    MUCH cooler story than what actually happened according to the show! Tragic, but cool!
    If only the show writers had gotten that deep. A more mature, tragic romance would definitely have scored some points.

  • Hunter Hooper

    Hunter Hooper

     2 days ago +1

    0:07 to 0:09
    “Then how do you explain.. This!?”

    My response: “Umm... Fan Art???” 😂😂😂

  • awesome as I want to be star

    awesome as I want to be star

     3 days ago

    Wow twilight has a bit crack XD

  • Shan Che

    Shan Che

     3 days ago


  • Shan Che

    Shan Che

     3 days ago


  • ali alshemari

    ali alshemari

     3 days ago


  • Numberjacks Octonauts

    Numberjacks Octonauts

     3 days ago +3

    And this theory was debunked... three times:

    1. The original Crystal Princess was Amore.
    2. Chrysalis was born from a pool of deceased ponies and plants and dubbed herself queen of the changelings selfishly.
    3. Chrysalis is now turned to stone with Tirek and Cozy Glow.

  • Slycat 101

    Slycat 101

     3 days ago +2

    0:09 Why did Chrysalis have to look so much like a pony version of Toriel? ;-;

  • gacha galaxy

    gacha galaxy

     3 days ago

    King sombra was a pony living in the crystal empire. One day he got afecked by evil magic. END THAT IS THE STORY I BIELIVE!

  • Heyo! Itzpotato!

    Heyo! Itzpotato!

     3 days ago +1

    Celestia being defeated by chrysalis

    Luna: WAT’D I MIS GAI’S?!

  • Useless Username

    Useless Username

     4 days ago

    Sad how this entire theory was shot down

  • Daya Desu

    Daya Desu

     5 days ago

    Oh gawd. 2014