🐻🐰🐥🦊 UCN 50/20 No Death Coin Complete, 10% Power Remaining, No Power-ups, FNaF Ultimate Custom Night

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 26, 2020
  • 50/20 No Death Coin, No Power-ups, 10% Power Remaining -- this run was my second No Death Coin completion, but this time, it's in Office 1 -- my first run was done in Office 3 with either 3 or 4% power remaining and was much less optimal, lol. There are still ways that I can save more power, but really, this route takes a LOT of RNG luck, so you want to minimize risk where possible if you're just trying for a completion. For example, to get a 1 AM Showtime at the start of any run, it's maybe a 1-in-3, and maybe slightly less. Then when you actually get past 45.0 to get a new showtime on CAM 6, for the Showtime hour to change to 4 AM, that's probably another 1-in-3. Then getting Toy Freddy to wait patiently for you to finish the Plushie sequence in the middle of the night and Foxy to be a good Pirate Fox and not ruin the run late is a bit of a pain. Silly mistakes feel all that much more painful in this mode.

    If I want to bulletproof this a bit more to minimize risk, I probably should have flipped the sign to the right on that last ventilation reset and just shut W and S on that flip since that would guarantee Rockstar Chica being shut out either way, but that does take a tiny bit more power if I go that route. Other than that, I like this slight modification at around 2:15. Basically, you pin down Rockstar Chica if she eventually goes to CAM 2 and then flip the sign before the long sequence. Then you don't have to keep W closed the entire time (but you will have to get rid of Freddy before the flip), so that saves a few percent vs. keeping W and S shut while you're in the Cameras (and if you have Music Box on at that time, that hurts even worse).

    Avoid having your camera up at 2:23.0 and 3:41.0 -- those are 13.0 multiples, so you can get a Rockstar Bonnie appearance that ends the night. Also don't start the Plushie purchase sequence if Ballora is attacking...you'll just see static. So 2:23.1+ is ideal for that long sequence. The last flip should be done between 3:41.1 and 3:45.x -- preferably before 3:45 -- if you check CAM 6 late on this part, there's a chance for a jumpscare if Showtime is at 5 AM. I guess it's kind of nice in this run, it went 1 - 4 - 7. So I guess what I mean to say in the explanation at the end is that there's no potential for a Funtime Foxy jumpscare if you're between 3:41.1 and 3:45.x, but if it's 6 AM or 7 AM, it won't matter anyway. Since it was 7 AM here, I could have checked at any point...but there's no reason to check after 3:44.9 with this logic if you're still on CAM 6 -- make sure your room is cool, too -- otherwise that's basically game over since you won't be able to last through 4:30.0 without another flip. Phantom Freddy strategy from the 50/20 Green runs can also save a bit of power, but I wouldn't let Phantom Freddy go crazy unless you already have a win in the bag. It's super risky -- if you miss even for a quarter of a second, you're asking for a jumpscare, lol.

    Anyway -- SUPER annoying mode. I would say this isn't really worth it -- Death Coin route is much more replicable for a win and ends up being a ton more fun. Both were deemed legitimate by Scott, too, so either route is a tough completion -- this one is just more luck-based due to some of the things mentioned prior.

    Re: Earlier Release than Planned for this Video -- Per MatPat, we're going to have so much to do on December 1st (2020), that we won't be able to air [some/all] of this footage directly on the stream. So here's the video moved to 'Public' earlier than planned -- enjoy, and I hope you have a great day in which you can reflect on the things you're thankful for! I guess Scott got in on the comments early, so you can see that I've been holding onto this video for a little while now. I have a much luckier first win in Office 3, but with only 3 or 4% remaining, so this one's quite a bit better. Anyway, tune in December 1st to The Game Theorists' channel for the $1,000,000 Challenge for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital -- great cause, and you'll see a familiar face in the midst of a bunch of much more well-known faces, lol.

    Link to St. Jude charity stream placeholder: https://www.clipvl.net/video/an4pHcye2Mc/video.html [Live on December 1, 2020]

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