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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 7, 2019
  • Special thanks to Hoshino Kurumi for sharing her story.

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  • DzLoveLIFE


     17 minutes ago

    She made sales because she also invested in them ..THAT GIRL WILL NEVER GO BROKE

  • Cleopatra Starseed

    Cleopatra Starseed

     4 hours ago

    Its apparent that females make much less than males in the host/hostess industry. The top selling host in Japan makes around 180k USD per month, while she, the top selling hostess, makes around 42k USD per month.

  • davina 07

    davina 07

     5 hours ago

    Beautiful hostess and great interviewer, excellant vlog

  • AF Gaming

    AF Gaming

     6 hours ago

    Do you know a guy who run a hostess club called ELISE ? Shun Akiyama ?

  • Ajay Jain

    Ajay Jain

     9 hours ago

    A modern day prostitute. She has so much pride that she cannot go back to her village . Wow i hope all mothers tell there children to become prostitutes . So much money . Heaven

  • OtakuAnime


     12 hours ago +2

    hostess: $46k

    animator: $500

  • Tommy Tangha

    Tommy Tangha

     16 hours ago

    3 million for sex good for your health .

  • mincetoiletpaper



    She looks more natural beauty without the make ups.

  • Hyerin Jun

    Hyerin Jun


    i cant have her....

  • Akita Tv

    Akita Tv


    How much per hour because i only have a budget of 200 dollars and is going to japan next week

  • TheLonelyWriter


     yesterday +1

    Update : looks like she changed her nose after all 😣

  • NomadiqGentz



    Of course nobody flirts with you or asks you out, they're all too busy flying into the sky with nosebleeds

  • NomadiqGentz



    Wow look at that place, I'm telling you, this girl works in the Continental from John Wick.

  • NomadiqGentz



    5:07 Sounded like Naruto walking into a ramen shop.

  • NomadiqGentz



    I'm watching this right after watching "Being An Animator in Japan". This lady is making $960 a day as a hostess, whilst the animator was living on $500-$600 a month. I'm done!! Wow. Incredible.

  • Can Musik

    Can Musik


    Shes pretty

  • Nir U

    Nir U


    Well happiness has different definitions for every one. But honestly I feel sad for her. Hope she won’t end up alone when all this glitter and glamorous youth fades.

  • Sharifah Aljofree

    Sharifah Aljofree

     yesterday +1

    Such a dangerous lifestyle..may GOD protect her..alhamdullilah for islam..a religion that raise the status of woman instead of being an object for men..i wonder what would happen in the future 30 years time?? spending their hard earn money for this?? blessing in the money..honestly ..i am 100 times prettier than you..but i am only EXCLUSIVE for my husband..this is a pathway that lead to misery..leave this lifestyle..find an honest job..even if it is not paid as high as this..i promise you will be happier...TRUST ME..

  • Ice Flex

    Ice Flex


    Seems like Japanese really likes company

  • Linh Vũ

    Linh Vũ


    Her personality is so charming and she's also unbelievably gorgeous already 😍 !!! I hope she doesn't do plastic surgery