Fatal Fields & The Respawn Van | The Squad (Fortnite Animation)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, April 27, 2019
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    Follow Fishstick as he travels from Fatal Fields to the respawn van, avoiding siphon, and watch out for Marvel Avengers Endgame along the way! He fights Bandolier, Lil Whip, and makes it to Lucky Landing to revive his team! He even rides on an activated rune after hearing roach sing Old Town Road!

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    Fishstick & The Respawn Van | The Squad (Fortnite Animation)

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  • ArcadeCloud


     5 months ago +601

    YeeHaw! Who's your favorite Squad Member???

  • Jonny Venegas

    Jonny Venegas

     14 days ago

    In 0:24 theres musroms on him

  • Tausif Ahmed

    Tausif Ahmed

     14 days ago

    Riden on a tracker slurpers in the blaters

  • Da real Salty

    Da real Salty

     21 days ago

    Yeah I bought that skin



     a months ago

    1:52 LMMFAO

  • sanne leyzer

    sanne leyzer

     a months ago

    Als je graag naar game video's kijkt kijk dan naar gamer fynn

  • maya78 moi

    maya78 moi

     a months ago

    Old town road

  • Cynthia Pendergraph

    Cynthia Pendergraph

     a months ago

    Riding on a tracter slurp juce in me my blatet

  • Cynthia Pendergraph

    Cynthia Pendergraph

     a months ago

    My favorite SQad member is Roch!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ermuun Amartsengel

    Ermuun Amartsengel

     a months ago


  • Coda Dude

    Coda Dude

     2 months ago

    he went to wailing woods to get to luckylanding .-.

  • Germelle Glenn

    Germelle Glenn

     2 months ago

    I love roach

  • Axel Amador

    Axel Amador

     2 months ago


  • Sam Kent

    Sam Kent

     2 months ago +1

    Riding on a tractor slurp juice in my bladder 😂

  • rinothedino YT

    rinothedino YT

     2 months ago

    3:02 captain America’s shield

  • Jrexxtv23YT


     2 months ago

    Riding On A Tractor Slurches In My Bladder
    Riding On A Tractor Lean All In My Bladder
    It’s Old Town Road

    Edit: I meant Slurp Juice

  • Eleven Shocked Pikachu Face

    Eleven Shocked Pikachu Face

     2 months ago

    Riding on my tractor, Slurp Juice is my blatter!

  • Kevin H0MLES

    Kevin H0MLES

     2 months ago

    wait was the cactus girl the friend of tanner cob

  • Elizabeth Gutierrez

    Elizabeth Gutierrez

     2 months ago


  • kevin San Antonio

    kevin San Antonio

     2 months ago

    Roach is singing Old Town Road