TWICE moments I find painful to watch.

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 14, 2019
  • #HappyTzuyuDay

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    TWICE - Be As One (Korean ver.)
    TWICE - I'm gonna be a star

    The Hurtful Body Shaming Twice Jihyo Went Through -
    [ENGSUB.SIXTEEN] TWICE Momo Crying (Momo Profile) -
    TWICE Members Cried As They Leave Malaysia Due To Cancelled Concert -
    190318 |《MICHAENG》 Chaeyoung helps Mina walk when Mina is limped -
    【TVPP】Mina(Twice) – Rhythmic Gymnastics hoof, 미나(트와이스) - 리듬체조 후프! @2016 Idol Star Championship -
    Becoming TWICE is not easy (Sana Version) -
    트와이스(TWICE) 사나(SANA), 우리 '사나' 놀랬잖아 (공항패션)[NewsenTV] -
    쯔위 공식 사과 / 周子瑜公开致歉 -
    Tears of Tzuyu, Cried because she missed her mom -
    Get well soon mina 미나♥😢 -
    190106 트와이스 TWICE 모모 MOMO 'What is Love?' 직캠 by Spinel-
    [FANCAM] 190106 Momo Escorted Off Stage At The 33rd Golden Disc Awards (Day 2) -
    TWICE Jihyo Was Crying At Gimpo International Airport -
    Emergency! A Horse Kicked TWICE Jeongyeon's feet! 《Law Of The Jungle》EP225 -
    Show Champion EP.314 '아시아 원탑' 확 달라진 분위기로 돌아온 트와이스 -
    [DaNa || SaiDa Moments] 171103 Sangam Fansign -
    Beautiful Twice - Jeongmi's confession -
    TWICE Jeongyeon feat. J-line (Mina, Sana, Momo) - She is a flirt -
    Twice Sana and Jeungyeon kiss Mina -

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  • wig has been snatched

    wig has been snatched

     14 days ago +586

    For everyone who is confused about Momo being eliminated, TWICE was formed from a survival show called Sixteen. Each challenge, someone would be eliminated and Momo got eliminated which meant she could not be in TWICE. But at the end of the show, JYP decided to add Momo to TWICE because the staff said that Momo was really hard working and dedicated. If you want to know more about TWICE and how they were formed, watch Sixteen.

  • areumdaOne


     an hour ago

    What tzuyu apologize for?

  • Alvarez food

    Alvarez food

     5 hours ago

    Imma fight that horse

  • wu yanna

    wu yanna

     8 hours ago

    Tzuyu doesn’t have to apologize, because China might Separate with Twain, LOL

  • wu yanna

    wu yanna

     8 hours ago

    The most painful one is when momo gets eliminated

  • exostential


     11 hours ago

    twice members are becoming more and more sad and it's worrying me

  • natalia Williams

    natalia Williams

     13 hours ago

    first of all you cant just call someone fat if i was jiho i would snatch that wig

  • nisakasmiles uwu

    nisakasmiles uwu

     13 hours ago

    when jungyeon got hit and the staff were checking her and i could see her tears i started bawling

  • WhiteKitty


     18 hours ago

    "Jihyo you look fat"

    Me: I see, I see you are jealous

  • Kim Jongdae

    Kim Jongdae

     20 hours ago


  • あゆちゃあゆちゃ


     21 hours ago


  • kboys1549 monster

    kboys1549 monster


    Im crying who is crying here

  • BTS_ ARMY101

    BTS_ ARMY101


    2:00 - 2:17 made me cry when Sana went up to Momo😭😭😭

  • Nam juice

    Nam juice


    Sis that called Jihyo fat we need to talk

  • Baby Chicken

    Baby Chicken


    How was Momo eliminated

  • Ana Karnstein

    Ana Karnstein


    What happened with Sana and Dahyun?

  • Gummy Yummy :D

    Gummy Yummy :D


    When I saw Sana get scared by thunder almost made me cry, I have brontophobia (fear of thunder) and every time it rains very hard all I do is cry and scream in fear

  • i have no idea

    i have no idea

     2 days ago

    the photographer: calls Jihyo fat

    JiHyO cOmE tO tHe LiGhT mOrE I cAn'T sEe yOu!!

    Like how do you think she feels confident and happy after you said that smh...

  • Rowena Santos

    Rowena Santos

     2 days ago

    Me: Crying
    Also me: sad

    Bashers: laughing
    Me at the end: laughing 😂😂

  • XxGacha MaryXx

    XxGacha MaryXx

     2 days ago +1

    I got sad when momo got eliminated