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  • Ranim Mansouri

    Ranim Mansouri

     an hour ago

    très. Bien😍😘

  • Laviss *

    Laviss *

     2 hours ago

    8:33 18+ xD

  • Виктория Мостовая

    Виктория Мостовая

     3 hours ago


  • No Face Official Band

    No Face Official Band

     3 hours ago

    There are no hacks that could save my barbies😵😈

  • River the wild one

    River the wild one

     4 hours ago

    Yes because everyone wants a toilet paper roll in their cake

  • okan atakoy

    okan atakoy

     5 hours ago

    Türkiye 🇹🇷

  • عليغغفلنت علي

    عليغغفلنت علي

     9 hours ago


  • vella_ cahyar

    vella_ cahyar

     13 hours ago

    Maksudnya gak jelas banget orang bodoh 🔥😂👾

  • Araceli •Chely•

    Araceli •Chely•

     14 hours ago

    1:52 please don't tell me you wasted all those eggs? :'(

  • jasmine soria pena

    jasmine soria pena

     17 hours ago

    Did it doesnt work highlighter

  • Moja Joe

    Moja Joe

     22 hours ago

    00:19 fake. She has mony at her hand all time

  • Sgshhs Hshdhdhh

    Sgshhs Hshdhdhh



  • Johan Montes

    Johan Montes


    que lindoooooooo

  • yukl tyuk.

    yukl tyuk.


    اربيل انا

  • Nayna Madlani

    Nayna Madlani


    Lemon is not working on highlighter

  • koekjes games

    koekjes games


    ik wil naar huis

  • Jannyne Superales

    Jannyne Superales


    Sorry my eyes didn’t hurt

  • Mihai Miron

    Mihai Miron


    WOW 😮😮😮

  • Nasibah_ Official

    Nasibah_ Official



  • Athul Jith

    Athul Jith