[WEEKLY IDOL] Ryujin,Chaeryeong,Yeji random play dance #icy #itzy

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 7, 2019
  • #icy #itzy #weeklyidol #Chaeryeong #dancequeen #dance #sexydance #yeji #ryujin #randomplay
  • Source: https://youtu.be/vk5k4kfgkhk


  • starry night

    starry night

     4 days ago

    i need a ryujin bad guy cover

  • Diii


     7 days ago +3


  • Débora Rani De Souza Jortieke

    Débora Rani De Souza Jortieke

     14 days ago +3

    Song 1:53 ??

  • Uyee Sbh

    Uyee Sbh

     14 days ago +3

    Love you yeji 😘🥰❤️

  • Oanhhh Kim

    Oanhhh Kim

     21 days ago +14

    <3 haha Ryujin is so fun

  • Hi Hello

    Hi Hello

     28 days ago +10

    Chaeryeong 💓💓

  • MermaidSyno


     1 months ago +27

    Her facial expressions are phenomenal honestly- she isn’t timid about really showing how she wants to express herself. Even if it’s cutesy and aegyo, she goes all out for it- Ryujin has her preferences, she would much rather do punk-y, darker stuff, but if the concept she’s given is girly and cute, she’ll do it and enjoy it anyway.

    Also, her doing the dance from one of the guys from Knowing Bros was priceless 🤣

  • Kristel Marie Capili

    Kristel Marie Capili

     1 months ago +27

    Ryujin's dance so cool

  • nazwa sfr

    nazwa sfr

     1 months ago +6


  • dawinentertainment 。

    dawinentertainment 。

     1 months ago +43

    Ryujin s free style is awesome ^^

  • Anne Blink21

    Anne Blink21

     1 months ago +49

    Ryujin is so charming thoo

  • Rey-Ann Mutia

    Rey-Ann Mutia

     1 months ago +58

    Ryujin... so great for freestyle 💕💕



     1 months ago +12


  • Yoo Jeongyeon's fangirl

    Yoo Jeongyeon's fangirl

     1 months ago +92

    Ryujin really amazed me with her dance and charm

  • Woojin Park

    Woojin Park

     1 months ago +9


  • abv mua

    abv mua

     1 months ago +18

    omg chaeryeong

  • Blimyy 01

    Blimyy 01

     1 months ago +70

    Ryujin is very beautiful and funny .

  • Shalewa Koleowo

    Shalewa Koleowo

     1 months ago +22

    Yeji is so cute dancing with the host

  • Itzy Thequeens

    Itzy Thequeens

     1 months ago +54

    Lmao I love how Yeji tried to dance with the host and not showing off her dance skills that much 😂