This could change Facebook forever

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 8, 2019
  • Mark Zuckerberg’s new plan to pivot Facebook privacy means investing most of its energy into groups and messaging products like Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. It also means Facebook could face new challenges if it’s real: making revenue differently, regulation, and getting banned from countries like China and Russia.

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  • The Verge

    The Verge

     7 months ago +117

    Do you trust Facebook?

  • Larry Kustyn

    Larry Kustyn

     a months ago

    Notice how there's allot more content on Facebook Watch. Not that they'll ever be s threat to You Tube but they could steal enough viewers away to be a thorn in their side just the same.

  • Zelda 00Agent

    Zelda 00Agent

     2 months ago

    Facebook is just not the greatest! They should make Facebook to where there's no harassment because that's something I had to deal with until I took care of it! They always talked about making Facebook safer but I still don't see it!

  • Xavius Americus

    Xavius Americus

     2 months ago

    😆😆😆😆😆😆. If anyone believes anything Mark is at the Burke says, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell them.

  • Farmer Corncob Nanja

    Farmer Corncob Nanja

     3 months ago

    No Facebook happy life! 😁

  • Skiller


     3 months ago +1

    Yes i only use messenger not Facebook

  • Paul BERDAH

    Paul BERDAH

     4 months ago

    Adevertising works if content exagearate informations like a certain press, don't be surprised if hain and scandals are more and more will be your new encounters.

  • Joe Howlett

    Joe Howlett

     4 months ago

    If they encrypt facebook messages that really has nothing to do with the newsfeed, they are two separate things. On another note... I stopped following all of my contacts on facebook, totally recommended!

  • Shubham Tripathi

    Shubham Tripathi

     4 months ago

    Casey rocks!

  • Bearded Emo

    Bearded Emo

     5 months ago

    i just wish the updates would hurry... i had them when they first mentioned them and then they went away for me :(

  • FARM - Food Ambot Review Manila

    FARM - Food Ambot Review Manila

     5 months ago

    Mr. Zucks doesn't even trust Facebook, he puts tape on his laptop camera at work. Facebook will become the next Yahoo.



     5 months ago

    As long as I respect and follow my own rules of being a decent human being and respect others, I dont have to bother with this, i am not afraid of what I share on social media. You, Mark Zuckerberg, don't waste your time, sir, looking for irrelevant stuff. Take your wife and kids on a trip, it's much better to spend useful time with your family than to spy on other ppl's account

  • Liao Justin

    Liao Justin

     5 months ago

    iMessage does that already...

  • Dina Eddy

    Dina Eddy

     5 months ago

    No, not at all.

  • F. D. R. / F. D. R.

    F. D. R. / F. D. R.

     6 months ago

    Personally I never did care to participate with Facebook or any other social media. I do communicate via. e-mail to friends, family,
    business associates and general acquaintances. My personal file at it's peak had 24,600+ recipients. I have enjoyed sending and
    receiving news & notes from these special friends. We do not advertise products or services of any kind, we simply have opinions
    on a variety of topics and enjoy expressing ourselves. We seem to respect an unwritten agreement to agree to disagree occasionally.

  • Giorgio House

    Giorgio House

     6 months ago

    Facebook will use an "ENCRYPTED" System that just Mark will be able to decrypt 😂😂😂

  • DAC087


     6 months ago

    Have faith in Zuck

  • D. A.

    D. A.

     6 months ago

    Facebook is still used by people?

  • redarrowhead2


     6 months ago

    Privacy is good until it's bad

  • LouisChiaki


     6 months ago

    Not sure if the ads are not target to me is a good thing at all.. I don't want to see those irrelevant ads on my facebook. Only US people heavily worry about privacy.