AMAZING All You Can Eat BRUNCH BUFFET in Jakarta Indonesia

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 26, 2018
  • I have always said, all you can eat buffets in Asia are far superior than my previous favorite buffet town of Las Vegas. As it stands my favorite all you can eat buffet was at the Hotel Nikko Saigon Seafood Buffet.

    But in Jakarta at the Pullman hotel, there is a Sunday brunch buffet that is out of this world! With all you can eat seafood including LOBSTERS cooked the way you want and all this can be had for around $34 which makes this the most value driven brunch buffet I've ever been to.

    Sana Sini Restaurant SUNDAY ONLY

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  • Strictly Dumpling

    Strictly Dumpling

     4 months ago +753

    Who else LOVES buffets as much as I do? Where is your favorite one??? Happy Sunday! :-)

  • My Euphoria

    My Euphoria

     2 days ago

    As indonesian i'm feeling so proud of myself 😂😂

  • James Jen

    James Jen

     4 days ago

    that beef noodle bowl alone would have put me down for the count

  • Sara Kristiana R.

    Sara Kristiana R.

     4 days ago

    When u dip that sate to your seafood sauce i was like NOOOOOOO

  • Gunner G

    Gunner G

     5 days ago

    Nice looking "dish" at 10:10.

  • Sebastian Wardana

    Sebastian Wardana

     8 days ago

    From all the stuff he liked from the visit, he changed his favourite buffet place, swear to god with the prices in indonesia you are better off at a resto, same thing with bnb and hotels, take the hotel! Do yourself a favour! If you are a group of three you are allready overpaying, you will eat for a fraction, much more local food and with a lot more asian flare at a resto, keep away from buffets. Go to the darpurs, the restos, allright? Cheers!



     11 days ago

    Omg your stomach so strong nice come again to indonesia. Have nice day

  • Clarky


     14 days ago

    I honestly can watch your videos for hours, dreaming of the food. Recently subscribed to your channel and once again another great video.

  • Ethel Permejo

    Ethel Permejo

     14 days ago

    slow down sir..

  • jef539475


     18 days ago

    could be Jackie Chan's son...hahahaha

  • Roaming Thereal

    Roaming Thereal

     19 days ago

    0:40 Her name is not Priscilla. Fancy Asian places who entertain westerns make the staff who deal with them take fake American names. Priscilla is a common choice because it's Elvis wife's name and that's how out of touch they are.

  • Confession.of.a.foodie


     19 days ago

    Not only does the food look good, but the seats look so comfortable too! I got to try this AYCE place next time I'm in Indonesia!

  • Sonia Farah Diba

    Sonia Farah Diba

     21 days ago

    in which Pullman Hotel is this restaurant ? At Central Park West Jakarta or Thamrin Street Central Jakarta ? 👍🏻

  • Priscila Prado

    Priscila Prado

     25 days ago

    Your stomach is huge!!! Can't imagine...

  • Landon Perry

    Landon Perry

     25 days ago

    Wow. That looks like a very high quality buffet for 35$ wtf

  • Armando van Haaren

    Armando van Haaren

     26 days ago

    I'm pretty sure your supposed to eat the mackerel hole

  • amilia oktora

    amilia oktora

     26 days ago

    Did u Eat all that? Wow!

  • Pt0wN973b0iI


     27 days ago

    10:09 😏

  • PajHuab Ncua Vwj

    PajHuab Ncua Vwj

     1 months ago

    Omg that's alot of food. They all look so good! I don't know how you can eat that much. The max I can do is 3 plates. LoL!

  • ali ashfaque

    ali ashfaque

     1 months ago

    I miss hotel I miss Jakarta I miss the world of difference and authentic sambals :(