GTA 5 - Walkthrough | Mission 1 and 2 - Prologue, Franklin and Lamar | 4k UHD

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 24, 2022

    In 2004, Michael Townley, Trevor Philips and Brad Snider rob a Bobcat Security cash storage facility in Ludendorff. After locking several hostages including an unnamed Bobcat guard in a room, Trevor wires an explosive to the vault doors, and Michael detonates them via his phone. Michael and Trevor enter the vault and steal just under $180,000. As the crew make their escape, Michael is held at gunpoint by Jaspers, another Bobcat security guard, who also removes the mask from his head. Michael advises the guard to forget what he saw and leave, but Trevor shoots him in the head.

    The trio blow open another door and leave the building, but are immediately swarmed by the local law enforcement. A dead security guard with a gunshot wound in his head can be seen inside the checkpoint booth at the facility gate. A massive gunfight erupts, forcing the crew to fend off the oncoming police before making their escape. The crew reach their getaway vehicle and are driven away, but they are pursued by more police vehicles, and their hired local getaway driver is shot in the head. Michael pushes his body out of the door and grabs the wheel, crashing their pursuers' car into a roadside tree. The crew continues their journey towards the helicopter awaiting for them, but are forced to divert their course after encountering a police roadblock. They then speed over the train tracks, but aren't quick enough and the rear end of the vehicle is hit by an oncoming train, causing them to lose control and spin out into a nearby tree. The trio survive, and Trevor suggests an alternative route to the getaway chopper, but Michael insists that they stick to the original plan.

    The crew then continues on foot through the town, but realize the chopper is nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile, FIB Agent Dave Norton, who is hiding around a corner, aims at Trevor with a Sniper Rifle, then shoots Brad as he walks into the path of the bullet. Dave fires again, this time at Michael, who falls to the ground. He behaves as if he is critically injured and bleeding out, though he has no visible injuries. Trevor is forced to take out the oncoming police officers alone, refusing to abandon his crew, but Michael persuades Trevor to go on without him. After briefly taking a nearby woman hostage, Trevor escapes into the snowy fields while still being pursued by armed police.

    Some time later, at a local cemetery, a funeral for Michael Townley is held. Dave Norton, the agent who "shot" him, supervises the proceedings, whilst Michael himself observes from a distance and flicks away his cigarette.

    The next mission, Franklin and Lamar, will automatically begin after the introductory theme.


    Nine years after the events of the Prologue, Michael De Santa is having a conversation with his therapist, Dr. Isiah Friedlander. Michael is growing increasingly unhappy at the fact that he is going through a midlife crisis, beginning to release a small amount of stress by shouting at Dr. Friedlander that the perfect life he dreamt of is disjointed, thus ending their brief session for the day.

    Michael heads outside and sits on a bench in Del Perro Beach. This brings him into a chance encounter with Lamar Davis and Franklin Clinton, who he reluctantly redirects to their repossession location. The story then turns to focus on Franklin as he anxiously questions Lamar's motives for proceeding with the repossession, as he doesn't see it as legitimate work. They arrive at the property and after Franklin decides which vehicle he would like to acquire, he accompanies Lamar on a high-speed chase throughout different parts of Los Santos.

    Franklin and Lamar end their chase at the Union Depository car park. As the men exchange repartee with each other, they hear the LSPD sirens, which causes them to drive away in different directions to lose the unwanted police attention. Once the wanted level is dealt with, Franklin meets Lamar at the back of the Premium Deluxe Motorsport dealership, where they witness their boss and owner of the car dealership, Simeon Yetarian, berating a young man, Jimmy De Santa, for making racist comments about him (the actual reason for this being that he is trying to scam him into buying a BeeJay XL, something that Lamar himself points out to Franklin).

    Both Lamar and Franklin leave the dealership and head to Franklin's house, where Lamar mocks Franklin's haircut after he's been denied access to Franklin's home. The mission concludes as Franklin walks around the house, which also leads to the brief introduction of his aunt, Denise Clinton, and the basics of the game.

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