BRUNCH at 7-ELEVEN Thailand

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 21, 2019
  • Many of you told me that 7 eleven in Thailand is awesome. So I stopped by to grab some brunch, and I definitely think the 7 eleven in Thailand has some of the best sandwiches I have ever eaten at a convenient store. So here's my review of the 7 eleven in Thailand. Enjoy! :-)
    #7eleven #711 #thailand

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  • six friends

    six friends

     7 hours ago

    Try 7 eleven asia

  • Evan Levi

    Evan Levi

     2 days ago

    Do more of these

  • Elvis Kadrija

    Elvis Kadrija

     2 days ago

    He looks like Jackie Chan

  • awe397


     2 days ago

    Lovely video!

    What's the song at 1:51?

  • Dustin Surprises

    Dustin Surprises

     3 days ago

    Don’t eat at 711s in the U.S. you will test your stomach and asshole.

  • 9 9

    9 9

     3 days ago

    You're bad actor bro

  • tbpopje


     4 days ago

    noooooooo you didn't try the cheese or cheese+sausage sandwich thingies!!!

  • Nina Keomuennah

    Nina Keomuennah

     6 days ago

    I wish we had a 7 eleven like that here in cali like u said jealous

  • Amae Rhodes

    Amae Rhodes

     6 days ago

    i also buy random smiling watermelons

  • Sophia


     7 days ago

    my worst fear with chopsticks are getting splinters in my mouth/lips

  • Debjani Das

    Debjani Das

     7 days ago

    When I was in thailand earlier this year I only thrived on this spicy cheese and lime flavoured noodles. They r just awesome. I also had the teriyaki chicken and rice combo one it was also great .



     7 days ago

    14:30 I know im, not the only one that hear the lisp

  • John Ishmael

    John Ishmael

     7 days ago

    American TV tray dinners are the BANE of every microwave dinners in the world. They're the reason why people dislike the idea of microwave dinners. One of my many wishes? Is that American microwave dinners didn't exist. Hell they even made burgers... In a CAN! God the lengths that country would do to make disgusting food is unimaginable!

  • amanda scheil

    amanda scheil

     7 days ago

    You have to try the ones in Denmark.

  • มิ้งไง' จะใครล่ะ

    มิ้งไง' จะใครล่ะ

     7 days ago


  • James Vetter

    James Vetter

     7 days ago

    Videos don't seem to go in order! What month and year is this from?

  • Okay Gold

    Okay Gold

     7 days ago

    I’ve been to Thailand but never seen 7 eleven :c

  • Theretardedunocorn Gggg

    Theretardedunocorn Gggg

     7 days ago

    Asian can 711 is the best

  • ken lin

    ken lin

     14 days ago

    Sad that u didn't visit the biggest 7 eleven in Thailand in pattaya its like a seven eletdn store from 2030

  • Mountain Girl

    Mountain Girl

     14 days ago

    YESSSSSS! I agree, get rid of those hungry man TV dinners and bring on that Thailand food!